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You've invested a lot of time and effort in picking the right car only to invest more time and energy in seemingly endless visits to the dealer's repair shop.  Now, let us invest our time and energy in fighting for you.

At Veracis Law, we are dedicated to helping consumers enforce their rights against the manufacturers of their defective vehicles.  Sometimes, that can lead to a quick recovery; other times, it may not.  Whatever the circumstance of your case, at Veracis Law, we strive to get the best possible outcome for you with speed and efficiency.  And should the manufacturer refuse, Veracis Law is prepared to fight for you.

Having developed an esteemed reputation as a top-rated consumer protection trial attorney in Southern California, Veracis Law's founder, Larry Chae, has dedicated his entire practice to representing consumers across the state.  Having litigated matters against nearly every major manufacturer and distributor, Larry has gained insight into the companies’ various litigation strategies, enabling him to effectively advance his clients’ case.  During the course of his career, Larry has represented consumers through settlement negotiations, mediations, pretrial discovery, law and motion, trial, post-trial matters, and appeals.  Larry is well prepared to fight to get that nightmare lemon off your hands and to get you back on the road.

A Few Representative Trial Matters*

Jenkins v. BMW of North America, LLC (Los Angeles Super. Ct. 2013) – As lead trial counsel, successfully represented plaintiff in a consumer warranty action involving the braking system in a CPO 2007 BMW 335i. Obtained a near-unanimous plaintiff’s verdict (11-1) on the principal contested question of liability (whether the brake noise was a defect), leading to jury’s award of restitution and civil penalty damages for the plaintiff.


McCall v. Ford Motor Company (San Mateo Super. Ct. 2013) – Successfully represented plaintiff against major automotive manufacturer in a consumer warranty case involving a defective transmission in a used 2009 Ford Escape. Obtained a near-unanimous plaintiff’s verdict (11-1) on all contested questions of liability and obtained restitution and civil penalty damages for the plaintiff.


Bettenhausen v. Ford Motor Company (Sacramento Super. Ct. 2012) – Successfully represented plaintiffs in a consumer warranty case involving a 2005 Ford F-250 with a defective engine system. Obtained jury verdict forcing Ford to repurchase plaintiffs’ truck and provide restitution in accordance with the law.

*Past outcomes are not a guarantee of future results.

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