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Hyundai's Warranty/Not-Warranty Fuse Dilemma

Recently, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") recall into certain Hyundai and Genesis electric vehicles was closed following Hyundai's agreement to issue a safety recall (Safety Recall 24V-204). Covered within the scope of this recall were the following:

2022-2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5

2023-2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6

2023-2024 Genesis GV60

2023-2024 Genesis GV70 "Electrified"

2023-2024 Genesis GV80 "Electrified"

The issue: a sudden loss of motor power after a warning light would illuminate.

The suggested cause: an overcurrent issue at the end of battery charging that could damage internal components and throw open the Integrated Charging Control Unit ("ICCU") fuse.

Hyundai's proposed response: checking the fuse for replacement and updating the software for the ICCU.

The problem: Hyundai's warranty terms expressly state that fuses are not covered by the warranty.

As such, it may very well be the case that many consumers have already made visits to Hyundai's dealers with the same ICCU blown concern but were surreptitiously turned away with a sudden repair bill for this issue.

If you are an owner or lessee of one of the affected vehicles, and have taken it to Hyundai's dealer several times with similar concerns, give us a call to see whether your car may be a lemon (and entitle you to a refund of the money you paid for the car).

Contact us for a free attorney consultation and see whether you're entitled to relief under the lemon law.


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