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Dodge RAM Transmission Fluid Leaks Cause Fires and Prompt a Recall

To date, it appears that FCA has discovered 16 truck fires may be related to an issue with leaking transmission fluid in 2020-2023 Dodge RAM 2500 and 2020-2022 Dodge RAM 3500 trucks equipped with the 6.7L Turbo Diesel engine and the 68RFE transmission. Such information was recently disclosed to the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA) by FCA US LLC.

Based on the reporting, FCA has found a pattern of transmission fluid being expelled from the transmission dipstick tube, which may then come into contact with an ignition source, causing a vehicle fire. Moreover, it is not clear whether a malfunction indicator light will be activated--the leaks may occur without warning to the driver!

If you are an owner or lessee of one of the affected vehicles, and have experienced issues with transmission fluid leaks, loss of transmission fluid, and/or an unusual burning smell from the car, give us a call to see whether your truck may be a lemon. Contact us for a free consultation and see whether you're entitled to relief under the lemon law.


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