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FCA/Chrysler 2.4L Tigershark Engine Class Action "Settlement"?

Did you buy or lease a FCA/Chrysler vehicle equipped with the 2.4L Tigershark engine that suffered from abnormal high rates of oil consumption? Were you always finding the engine oil was low (whether through checking on the engine dipstick or from a "low engine oil" warning message)? Did you experience an engine stall which required the engine being replaced?

If so, your rights may be implicated by a recent class action settlement. Entered on June 7, 2022, the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan has preliminarily approved a class action settlement which could extinguish your California Lemon Law rights, without giving you any recourse or benefit in return!

Terms of Proposed Class Action "Settlement"

The Class Action Settlement seeks to cover all persons who bought or leased one of the following cars equipped with the 2.4L Tigershark engine:

2015-2017 Chrysler 200

2013-2016 Dodge Dart

2014-2019 Jeep Cherokee

2015-2018 Jeep Renegade

2017-2018 Jeep Compass

2015-2018 Dodge RAM Promaster City

2016-2018 Fiat 500x

Owners and lessees of the covered vehicles will be given an extension to your Powertrain Warranty to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever from first, from the date of first sale of the vehicle. But, this warranty extension will only cover the replacement of the engine long block if the long block replacement is deemed necessary after an oil consumption test has failed and all applicable Customer Satisfaction Notices ("CSNs" or "Recalls") relating to the oil consumption have been performed (i.e., CSN W20, CSN W80, and CSN W84). So if you have not had one of these CSNs performed, the warranty extension will not cover the cost of replacing the engine long block.

If you previously paid for repairs due to the oil consumption defect, FCA/Chrysler will reimburse you that cost upon submission of a Repair Reimbursement Claim Form.

The Class Action Settlement also provides reimbursement for towing or rental car expenses incurred due to an oil consumption defect only if the expense was incurred within 24 hours of a qualifying repair being performed, and you submit a completed repair-related expense reimbursement claim form by the failing deadline (set as either 90 days after the Class Action Settlement becomes final or March 1, 2023, whichever date is later). Additionally, any request for rental reimbursement is capped at $300 per claim.

Finally, if your vehicle is subject to CSN W80 (i.e., it fails the oil consumption test outlined and needs the engine long block replacement), FCA/Chrysler will pay you $340.

Wait, This Doesn't Give Me Anything or It Doesn't Give Me Enough! What Can I Do?

If the settlement would not provide you with any relief (or if you find the relief is insufficient), you must act quickly to protect your rights! The deadline to request to opt-out (i.e. remove yourself) from the class action settlement is October 21, 2022. To opt-out, you must, on or before the October 21, 2022 deadline, send a written letter via first-class U.S. mail stating:

  1. Your full name and address;

  2. The year, make, and model of your car with the Vehicle Identification ("VIN") and the approximate date of purchase or lease; and

  3. A statement that you wish to be excluded from the settlement and the settlement class (i.e., "Please remove me from the Class Action Settlement and the Settlement Class.")

The notice must be mailed to the following address:

Wood v. FCA US

c/o Kroll Settlement Administration LLC

P.O. Box 225391

New York, NY 10150-5391

Failure to send the this Opt-Out notice on time will mean that you are bound by the terms of the Class Action Settlement and will likely be precluded from pursuing any further court action under the California Lemon Law.

If you have further questions, please gather your records and contact us for a free consultation. But remember, you need to act quickly if you want to protect your rights.


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