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The Ford Edge That Can't Tell If Its Doors Are Closed

Imagine driving along the freeway on one of those rare, traffic-free moments. The cars are smoothly flowing and you're feeling good that finally, you won't be late. And then, you look down and see a curious sight: the "Door Ajar" warning light suddenly turned on.

Did a door unlatch by itself? Are the doors suddenly going to fly open at 65mph? Didn't the dealer tell you that the issue was finally fixed at the last visit?

If you own (or previously owned or leased) a 2011-2013 Ford Edge, the above scenario may sound familiar. According to the NHTSA, there have been nearly 2,000 complaints lodged by owners and leasees of the Ford Edge concerning this "Door Ajar" warning light concern. And Ford has been well aware of this issue, releasing numerous internal technical service bulletins to call for the replacement of door latches and/or electrical cleaning of the door latch contacts. However, none of these "repairs" truly fix the underlying problem with the door latch.

If your ownership of the 2011-2013 Ford Edge has (or had) been plagued with repeated visits to the dealer for repeated problems with the "Door Ajar" warning light coming on by itself, you may be entitled to a refund of the money you paid for the Edge. Call us TOLL FREE (800-959-3579) for a free consultation with a top-rated consumer law attorney.

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